Frog live food treats

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Frogs and other amphibians love flies! They are cheap to obtain - in fact you can easily get them in maggot form from fishing shops. They are sold there as fishing bait. These pupate in a day or so and would need to be split into batches. You would then keep them at different temperatures to ensure you have a constant supply of flies. The warmer the pupa are kept the quicker they will develop into flies.

Remember to remove uneaten food such as flies. If you don't then eggs may be layed under the frog's skin which would harm it.

Crickets are another popular food for frogs and they are extremely nutritious. If you are going to feed your frog crickets, be careful when giving large adult or black field varieties as they have strong biting mouthparts and could cause your amphibian harm. Also, some crickets will sometimes have a protruding spike at the rear and this should be snipped off before feeding.

Mealworms and waxworms. Use these sparingly as they are difficult to digest and are not very nutritious.

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