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Hi there, and thanks so much for stopping at my website and taking a look. I honestly hope you find the information you are looking  for, and more, and that you find the site interesting and engaging.  I have had great fun so far indulging myself in my passion for these lovely creatures and am on a mission to find out as much as I can about all the frogs all over the world and their struggle for survival in the ever-changing environment they must survive in.    

During a particularly  stressful time in my own life, I decided that I needed something, a hobby, a pass time, that could help me to deal and cope with the stress  I was going through.  I had a supportive family around me, which I am forever grateful for, but I needed something I could put my heart and soul into, to distract me from all the anxiety and worry that I was experiencing at the time.      Creating the site was very important for me, as it distracted me from what was going on around me, and focus on something happy and something that I was passionate about.  I have always enjoyed being creative in my spare time and I particularly enjoyed writing; I have written a few little short stories over the years, albeit just for myself and a few others  to enjoy!  So, I started to think along the lines of what I could do that would fulfil me creatively.  

I started to search the internet for ideas about getting creative and perhaps even making a small income from something I was passionate about.  I had the idea that as I had always loved frogs and toads, that perhaps I could create a blog about these amazing creatures, that would be interesting and fun to work on, and thus provide me with a way of coping with the stress I was dealing with at the time.  I decided to look around and see how I could create a blog along my line of interest.  

Before I knew it, I came across Solo Build It!  I started to look into the reviews that I came across and as I read I started to get more and more excited about what I was reading!  It took me no time at all in fact to decide that Solo Build It! was what I wanted to get involved with.  I had the passion – I had a subject that I knew a bit about, I had the enthusiasm to research more and more about my subject matter, and I had the keen interest in starting up an online business that could potentially bring me in a small extra income.  First and foremost though, it was a way of channeling my energy into creating something positive and keeping me focused on all that was good in life.

I signed up for Solo Build It! After reading a few of the reviews and to be honest, years later, I have absolutely no regrets.  I love Solo Build It!  I love the fact that I am creating a website that is full of interest to fellow frog lovers.  I love that I can spend hours creating a web page that provides useful and helpful information about these amazing creatures  and that it can be read anywhere in  the world!  

I have times when I cannot do much due to time constraints and other priorities, but when I do have the time, I can turn back to it and add to it, as and when I feel inclined to.  It is a perfect hobby that I can undertake from the comfort of my own home!  I can do it whenever I feel like – should I be awake in the middle of the night, I can turn on my PC and work on my site.  

It has been such a pleasure to have the support of Solo Build It! Over the years.  The value for money with this company is unbelievable – and I’m not just saying that.  It really is.  The training videos and demonstrations are fantastic.  I was a complete novice to building a website, and somehow I have managed to do it with the clear, concise, practical assistance given by Solo Build It!   The online guides to creating your perfect website are simple, easy to use, and a pleasure to use.  I can honestly say it has been a turning point in my life.  

If you are in any way interested in starting your own online business and need a website, I can thoroughly recommend this company.  You will never be on your own on your journey – there will be a lot of like-minded people standing beside you to help you and encourage you on your way.  I have made money from my website – it is not huge amounts of money at the moment but it certainly is a very welcome extra income.  I know that as I have more time to spend on building the site the income from it will grow relative to the time given to it.  It is just such a nice way to create extra income by generating words on a subject that I absolutely love!

I hope I haven’t gone on for too long, but really just wanted to say that if you are thinking of doing something similar and creating a website based around your passion, then you couldn’t do any better than taking Solo Build It! Along with you on your journey.  It is exceptional value for money.

Good luck to you in all that you aspire to and thank you for dropping by!


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