Want to know all about frogs?

Let us find out all about frogs.  There is so much to know, so much to find out about these amphibians, for example:

  • what do frogs eat?
  • what do they do in winter?
  • how long do they live?
  • how high do frogs jump?
  • do frogs have teeth?
  • what color are frogs?
  • what's the difference between frogs and toads?

So much to find out about them, and you know what?  you could probably find most of it out in these pages of frog-garden, and if not all about frogs, well, it's a pretty good start, for there are many many pages with lots of information.

Frogs have been on planet earth for literally millions of years.  Way way longer than humans.  Frogs have probably been here around 190 million years.  Un-be-lieve-able!  So they were here with the dinosaurs.  The secret to their success at surviving this long?  It's all in their adaptability.  They are amazingly adaptive and will do whatever it takes to survive - clearly!  

In my own research to find out all about frogs, I have read so much and learned so much.  These are outstanding amphibians.  There are thousands of species of frogs in the world - as many as 6,000.  There are some warty frogs that tend to be called toads!  but there is not really too much difference between frogs and toads.  There are about 100 different types of poison frogs

All about frogs...

Frogs come in all different shapes and sizes.  There are the dazzlingly colourful and beautiful  dart frogs that have a multitude of poison varieties, there are the burrowing frogs, that hide away from the heat and live underground, there are the wood frogs that can literally freeze for the winter and there are tree frogs!  Also, the wonderful Spring Peepers, that are instantly recognizable when you hear them.  And there is the mighty Goliath!  

American Green Tree Frog

A really thought-provoking point of note is that frogs are considered very useful in medical terms.  There are people called shamans, who are like traditional healers, who use secretions from frogs (without causing damage to them) and apply these secretions to the skin of people to heal them.  

Frogs are also considered to be very special in terms of mythology and folklore and have played their part in many traditional stories that have been passed down through the years.  And they are thought to bring good luck as well see here!

And considering all about frogs and toads, again people often ask what is the difference between them? One difference is that a frog is usually a bit more long-legged than a toad.  Another is that the skin of a frog is a bit more 'slimy' as it is covered in a sort of mucus which gives it a smoother look and feel.  A toad has usually got legs that are shorter and thicker than a frog's legs and it's skin is thicker and rougher than a frog's skin.

A stunning glass frog

Look at this amazingly beautiful, almost fragile looking glass frog too.  Click on the link for more information.  

Also, if you like Pokemon, there is a frog-type Pokemon called Froakie

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