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My frog garden mission statement is simple – it is to endeavour to ensure that frogs and toads survive and continue to inhabit our planet by bringing people's attention to them…to encourage everyone that visits this site to help these amphibians survive and thrive during these times of climate change and annihilation of the rainforests and the continued threat of Chytrid fungus.  This fungus is thought to have originated within the African Clawed Frog species – this is the species that has been used in past years to determine in pregnancy tests whether a woman is pregnant or not.  These intriguing and often mystical creatures have inhabited our planet for over a million years and because of this unbelievable adaptability and survival instinct they are truly incredible.  They are so obviously adaptable and determined that we owe it to them to continue to encourage them to breed and survive on our planet.  It would be a terrible, terrible shame to lose these creatures that are steeped in history and mythology and that can teach us things about our environment.  Frogs and toads are fascinating… they are able to predict  catastrophic events such as earthquakes which shows that are sensitive to whatever changes are going on around them in their landscapes and habitats.  See the article on Haiti frogs – truly fascinating.  It is important to keep these creatures alive in their natural habitats – they are part of the planet's sensitive eco-system and can help to warn us of dangerous changes to our habitat – for example toxins in our rivers and streams.  They have also been extremely useful in the production of new medicines  by the use of their secretions – skin secretions from frogs and toads have been used to create new antibiotics and painkillers – and it doesn’t end there – researchers believe they have found in the skin secretions of frogs an anti HIV effect.  Frogs and toads simply by their existence help to keep the balance in the insect population of the world.  Our planet is delicately balanced – we need to continue to preserve our unique and wonderful wildlife for our planet to continue to survive.  We all need to do our bit – it would be a terrible shame to allow our wonderful and varied wildlife to become threatened and extinct  - and who knows what damage could be done to our planet through the loss of species such as frogs and toads – who have inhabited this planet for so many years ? These creatures bring joy and fascination to a lot of people and surely for that reason alone they are worth looking after? 

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