Frogs and Toads

Frogs and toads belong to the order Anura. Anura means tailless amphibian

  • A true frog comes from the Ranidae family
  • A true toad comes from the Bufonidae family

Frogs and toads do have differences though it can be difficult at times to know if one is a frog or a toad.

One of the main differences is that a frog is generally more long-legged than a toad.  Also, the skin of a frog is a bit more 'slimy' as it is covered in a sort of mucus which gives it a smoother look and feel.  A toad has usually got legs that are shorter and thicker than a frog's legs and it's skin is thicker and rougher than a frog's skin.  

Though this is generally the difference between the two, of course sometimes there are exceptions and what would be described in appearance to be a frog, could actually be a toad and vice versa.  So some frogs can appear to be a bit more dry, rough and warty which you would usually associate with a toad.  

Another difference between frogs and toads is that toads usually lay their eggs in a long strand whereas a frog will lay eggs in clumps, or clusters.

You would probably find it quite hard to tell the difference between a frog and a toad if you were looking at them from a distance, and only once you were up closer to them would you be able to tell them apart.  A frog's eyes tend to protrude out a bit more than a toad's.

Also, frogs do have teeth but toads do not!

  • Interesting fact: Frogs and toads can be found in all continents of the world EXCEPT Antartica.
Frog spawn in waterfrog spawn in a body of water

What is the difference between frogs and toads?

So there are similarities as well as differences between frogs and toads.  

Both of them like to lay their eggs close to water, though the frog will lay eggs in a cluster, or clump, and the toad will lay eggs in a more long, string-like way.  

Frogs do need to keep their skin moist also but toads skin is much drier.  So a frog will leave near and in the water and never stray to far away from a water source, but a toad lives more on the land and so will be happier living in wooded areas and gardens.

Toads tend to be nocturnal meaning that they sleep through the day and are active at night.  Frogs are active day and night and so this is another difference between frogs and toads.  

Toads can actually be quite tame once they get used to you.  It is a bit of a myth when it is said that you shouldn't touch them or you will get warts - you will not get warts by touching a toad!  Having said that, toads can be extremely harmful to your pet cat or dog and so it is best if they are kept away from each other.  Also, a toad's skin can cause irritation to the eyes or the skin sometimes.

A toad can emit a huge loud scream noise sometimes when it is touched.  This is kind of a defence mechanism to startle whoever is close by.   The noise is quite persistent for a good few seconds.

When a toad or a frog makes a noise, they both use the same technique in closing their nostrils and mouths and pushing air through to their vocal sac which can be found in the throat.

Frogs and toads are both carnivores - they both like to eat meat.  

A frog tends to have more predators than a toad.  This is because a toad's skin has a very bitter taste and is off putting to would-be predators.

Another difference between frogs and toads is that a frog has long powerful hind legs which help it to take huge leaps to where it wants to go.  A toad on the other hand has shorter legs and so it tends to do little hops to get to its destination.

Oh and I should mention that both frogs and toads are amphibians - but I think you knew that anyway!

a stream where frogs and toads liveA babbling brook, ideal for frogs and toads
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