Frogs in my pool

by Destiny
(Cincinnati ohio)

Well one day I was outside while my mom was cutting the grass and we have a pool in the backyard and 2 creeks in the back of our house in the woods and one right down the street. Anyway I was leaning on the pool side when my mom told me not to move. I looked over and it was a frog so I caught it and put it in a tank. Then I put a small fat branch in there for if it decided to climb and I put mass tree branches with leaves in there. So then I keep it the next day i went outside to feed it and found 3 more. I was excited and one the biggest one was laying eggs with another one on top to help push the eggs and i decided to pick them up cause at first i did not know it was laying eggs until i put it in the tank and there was lots of little gooey circles on my hand. I wipe it off with a leaf very softly then sat the leaf in the water but it still made thousands of eggs it was not finished laying eggs hahahaha. And that is the time I had 4 frogs.I still have mass in my pool i am bout to go explore it.^-^

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