Going Solo

by Bobbie
(Northborough, MA)

When I brought my plants in from their summer habitat in September, we had an unexpected stow-away. His looks are a mystery as I have been unable to find him tho I think he lives in my mother's Christmas Cactus. He sings daily, sometimes two or three times but when I approach the plant, he stops. I worry about his diet. I assume he is a tree frog; his voice is loud and can be heard from upstairs in my house. I would like to feed him but since I am unable to identify him, I'm not sure what to put out for him. Do tree frogs eat the same stuff that amphibious frogs do? He must be finding something in the plants as he has been in for 3 months with no obvious source of food. I have searched the plant with a magnifying glass to no avail. Any advice would be appreciated. Meanwhile he continues to sing his lonesome solo.

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