goliath frog

The mighty, huge goliath frog, holds the title for being the largest from on Planet Earth.  It is supersized and amazing and also known as the goliath bullfrog.  

This frog can grow up to 32 cm (approximately 12.5 inches) and can weigh a brawny 3kg.  This is the weight of some household, more familiar pets, such as cats!  Just imagine that - a frog as big as a cat - wow!

The goliath frog is usually found in and around fast-flowing rivers, which have sandy bottoms, in the mid-African countries such as Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea.  

Despite their size, and the impression their size gives, these frogs eat the same things as other frogs do, ie insects, crustaceans, flies, spiders, worms and now and again other smaller amphibians.

goliath frog facts:

  • The Goliath frog has no vocal cords -  This means that unlike most other frogs, the goliath frog cannot call to attract a mate during breeding season.  So whereas most other frogs use their vocal cords to fill with air and produce a call, the goliath frog simply holds its mouth open which does actually produce a whistling noise and if a female hears it, she will come by!
  • The goliath frog makes an excellent parent - it builds a nest, sometimes moving rocks near ponds to create the nest - and then it guards this nest from predators.  I think the size of the goliath is likely to put off a lot of potential predators! 
  • These nests are protected by the adult frog all night long, and they will only leave their position at dawn.
  • It seems likely that the male goliath frog does most of the building of the nest and the female is the one that guards the nest.
  • Goliath frogs can jump forward almost three meters 
  • The goliath frog can live for about 15 years in the wild.  
  • Nile crocodiles and monitors and snakes are predators of the goliath frog
  • It lays eggs around water vegetation, sometimes on the vegetation itself, and can lay a few thousand eggs at a time
  • As a tadpole, the goliath frog is just the same as any other regular tadpole, but it just keeps growing and growing and growing...

Look at this goliath frog!

  • Male goliath frogs may get so big because of all the nest building that they do.  It's pretty hard work shoving all that rock around, and then fending off aspiring predators.
  • Goliath frogs, having been around for millions of years, are sadly now declining in numbers.  This is due mostly to the fact that they are enjoyed as food by humans, but also due to loss of their natural habitats.  Therefore the goliath frog is now an endangered species.
  • Due to human activities such as logging (the cutting down of trees in an area, as well as the processing of these woods in the area) the water sources that these frogs live in are becoming dirty and less oxygenated.  This makes them much more unhealthy living places for the frogs, and they have to move elsewhere

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