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Our friend the frog can be an amazing good luck charm.  This little creature can transform your life - if you just will believe it for a minute!  When one of these creatures shows up unexpectedly in your life, you can bet your bottom dollar it has shown up for a reason!   

The frog turning up is determined to show you that you can in fact make your dreams come true!  They are literally there to ask you to take a leap of faith!  Leave all that is mundane and ordinary, and take a leap of faith with it, the frog!  What have you to lose?

They are absolutely steeped in history and folklore - there are stories about them from the times of the Ancient Egyptians, the Chinese and the Japanese - many many stories of how frogs can bring us good luck and are a good luck charm that can be auspicious (lucky) for us.  The Romans as well saw the frog as being lucky and bring good luck to the home.  

For people who believe in spirit animals, if you identify a frog as your spirit animal, then this frog is showing you that it is time to make the leap from your reality, whatever it may be,  to your dreams and all that they are. In other words, the frog is showing you that your dreams can be yours, you just need to trust, make a leap of faith, leave behind all that is holding you back, and go for your dreams and make them your reality.  I mean, who could ask for more in a good luck charm?

The frog showing up in your life, in whichever way that happens to be, is a symbol to you that really you should not ignore.  What it is saying is that hey, you, it is time for you to make your dreams come true.  It is time to speak your mind - speak up and say what you want, and how you feel.  It is saying now is the time to decide what you want for your life.  Whatever you want can be yours and you need to start believing and acting in a way that will bring your dreams closer to you.  So, in fact, to remind us of this fact, we could do well to wear a good luck charm to remind us of all the hope and abundance and happiness and wealth that the frog wants for us.  It is always good to be reminded.  And I mean, who could deny that the frog is just about one of the cutest living things on the planet like the one below with its adorable squeak!

Your frog is your good luck charm...

Frogs have long been a symbol of wealth and prosperity and people use images and ornaments of frogs as lucky charms to bring good luck to their lives.  

The frog is seen as a water spirit and it transforms during its life from a tadpole into a frog.  This transformation can mean that if you see one in your surroundings that you may well be entering a transformative period in your life - moving from one stage of your life to another.  The fact that it is a water spirit can also mean that you are changing emotionally and are ready to cleanse yourself and wash away negativity and hurt and the frog will help nurture and heal you.

The frog showing up in your life is often thought to be trying to tell you to think about what you want out of your life.  It is showing you that the time is right to think about your goals and what your dreams are and to plan to realize those dreams. 

The frog is indeed a good luck charm as it can show up in your life when you are going to meet someone special.  It also encourages you to think about what the person is really like rather than simply judging the person by their appearance.  Sometimes someone may look fantastic but might not be so fantastic inside, whereas the opposite can be true where they don't appear so great in their appearance but turn out to be incredibly beautiful inside and become someone special to you.  

The frog will show up to teach you to be brave and take the next step and transform your life into the life that you have always wanted.  Reach out to other people and make new friends, the frog will be there to support you.  

There are so many good things about frogs and so when they show up in your life, stop for a minute and look at it and wonder what it is trying to  tell you!   As the frog means prosperity, it is great to see one as it means great things coming to you and to your loved ones too.

The frog also represents fertility and so this means it will be a fertile and productive time if you are working on any new ideas.  

These frogs, this symbol of the ultimate good luck charm, is reaching out to you.  It is trying to make you see, look - now the time is right!  Believe in yourself, do something different, step outside of your comfort zone, and you will be rewarded with great things.  Be it wealth, happiness, love, whatever it may be!  Your dreams await you!  The frog is showing you.  It leaps about and wants you to take a leap of faith!  Sometimes, ditching the ordinary thinking, the mundane, ordinary, normal thinking, the everyday stuff that we do - ditching that for a moment, and doing something magical - like believing that that frog that has shown up in your life - can change your life for the better and make it a little step closer to the life your truly desire!  

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