Help! My cat brought in a frog in the middle of winter - middle of the night

by Bevy

Hi! SOS! my cat brought in a frog - water frog i think - in the middle of a cold winter night and i found it on the floor covered in a dust bunny... i thought it was dead but it isn't. i had no choice but to use a little tap water and long story short - he came to life after a few mins and i got the hair off of him(i think he was under the bed!). pets! so i've made it a make do home in a giant pot - i put some sand i had on the bottom and some shallow water and a new sponge to get up on and some rocks and some spider plants i had rooting. and plastic wrap over top w/holes cut in it. i wonder if he'll get up there to get out? i dont wnat to put the glass lid on it because of no air... then there is the issue of what do they eat? any advice would be appreciated. i dont think it would be right to put him out in the freezing cold night. plus it is storming. i live in maryland. Thanks! Bev. i'll try and attach a picture

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Apr 25, 2014
cat brought in a frog
by: Anonymous

Hi Bev, how's your frog doing? I wonder if you have been able to set him free now? It's so nice to hear how people like to help these creatures when they see them in difficulty. As always, I suspect he will do better in the wild in his own natural habitat, but it is also great that you helped him out. Thanks for taking the time to submit your story to this website. I hope that you find information here helpful and useful and even that you enjoy browsing through the pages!

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