"Hoppy" narrowly misses death by JCB.in back garden

by Rosacar

My JCB driver found a frog in our garden today, sitting in front of the JCB,after we dug up the "Swamp" caused by blocked kitchen drainage pipes,emptying all their water directly into the garden, instead of into our Soakway.so sitting on top of the newly rotavated earth,he was conducting a "Sit In" in protest to the destruction of his habitat. we promptly, got a large coffee jar and he calmly went into our hands, and into the jar. next,we got 2 large seed potting plastic lids and filled them with stones, greenery and lots of rain water. he hopped in -no bother.made holes in the top for air. I have no dead bugs yet for his breakfast. maybe i shud release him at a nice water source,nearby? like a stream? any ideas where to find live food in the garden for him? kept tadpoles before,but this is our first frog.bit cold here for live flies any ideas?

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Mar 06, 2012
My Idea
by: Susie

I was wondering the same thing
I was thinking about getting(finding) a frog for myself
But I don't live near a pet shop to get food I'm almost 5 hours
Out of town???

Jan 28, 2012
by: Anonymous

It's ur choice if u want to set him away,but if i were u i wouldent.i mean u already gave him a name!!!!!

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