Solved: how frog with no ears can hear

A study by researchers using the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility in Grenoble has shown that a 1 cm long frog, the Gardiner's frog from the Seychelles, is a frog with no ears that can hear by using it's mouth as an acoustic chamber.  

This is one of the world's tiniest vertebrates and is a truly amazing frog. Being so tiny is a massive hurdle for this little frog to overcome in the first place just trying to survive.  

Can you imagine the risks it takes during its everyday life just to avoid not being eaten by something bigger and not getting stood on by anything or anybody?

However, it is unlikely that you would get to see this frog even if you were to go to its habitat and look for it as it is usually hiding under moist leaf litter to avoid its skin drying out too much.

All animals need a middle ear to amplify the vibrations picked up by the eardrum as it detects sound waves, but this particular little frog does not have a middle ear, and has lived in isolation in the rainforests of the Seychelles for tens of millions of years.  

So how is it that the frog with no ears can hear?  Apparently, it uses it's mouth.  The tests show that the volume of the frog's mouth is perfectly matched to resonate at the frequencies of the sound waves made by other frogs.  

The amplified sounds are then transported to the frog's inner ear and auditory nerves with the help of it's bony skeleton.  Although it is a wonder how frog with no ears can hear, they obviously can and do hear as the male frog is actually quite vocal and loud making a sound approximately once every three minutes.

Frog with no ears can hear - Gardiner's frog

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