Hurt Frog

I found a hurt frog.

What should I do about it?  Should the injured frog be left where it is?  Or should it be picked up and placed somewhere else?

When you have stumbled upon an injured frog, there are a couple of things you can do.

First, if it is superficially hurt, for example you can see a little scratch or cut on it that does not appear to be too severe, then I would definitely pick it up and put it out of harm's way.  Especially if that frog or toad is in the middle of a road, it will definitely perish in the face of oncoming traffic.

There would be absolutely no point in leaving the hurt amphibian where it is.  But obviously you would need to take care doing this, and make sure that the road is clear before you approach the hurt frog to move it to safety.  At least if it is at the side of the road, preferably near some water, or some hedges or grass, then it has a chance of finding some shelter to allow it to heal. 

It might be though that the hurt frog is very seriously injured, and will not heal by itself.  In this case, you might want to call a local vet to see if they are able to advise what can be done to help the injured amphibian.  Not many vets will treat these creatures, but they might be able to give you a contact number for a team of people that might be able to help you.  If the vet is unable to give this advice, then perhaps contacting the RSPCA might be useful.  Otherwise, if the injury is very severe, it is unlikely that the frog or toad is likely to survive in any case, and keeping it out of the road and under a hedge in some undergrowth or grass or foliage, would be the best thing to do for it.

Look out for hurt frogs

Hurt frog or toad - how to help

It is distressing to see a hurt frog, as is the case with any hurt wild creature that we come across.  Nature is wild and wonderful, but sometimes very harsh and although we might want to help the frog or toad as much as we can, sometimes it is best to let nature take its course.  You will have done all you can by moving the hurt amphibian to a place out of the way of danger such as traffic, or predators such as cats or birds etc.  

Even if you can manage to save one hurt frog, you have made a great difference to that frog's life.   Every frog's life is worth saving, and if you can help save the frog, then be amazing and do it! Read the story of the Cairns Frog Hospital here that is based in Australia.  Yes, there really is a Frog Hospital!

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