kitty frog

by maggie
(U.S.A. P.A)

I was jumping on my trampoline when i saw my cat playing with something. It was a stunned frog! i picked it up and looked at it. the poor frog had 2-4 cuts on it, but otherwise, it was fine. i took it home and put it in a small container. then i found a tank for it.i cleaned the tank out and put in some water and clay/mud.i named the frog jedediah (pronounced jet.a.die.a).I put jedediah in it, and also put in a fly. i thought jedediah ate it,but it turns out he didn't.

i'd like information and advice, so please comment! thanks!

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Jul 02, 2013
devouring em' whole!
by: Anonymous

I caught a frog just last night. I know how you feel. but where I am, there are dragon flies galore! I decided to give it one. I left it alone for a minute, and came back to find the dragon fly hallway down his throat already! these really can work good. I also tried mayflies, but it care for them too much.

Jun 21, 2013
Information on the internet
by: Anonymous

You can find heaps of information on the internet.
Handle with wet hands or our skin can burn their skin. Need water but need to be able to get out easily especially if young they can drown.
Eat wingless flies crickets etc

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