Little frog living in my sump pump well.

by Pat Moran
(Geneva,NY USA)

I recently discovered that there was a little frog in my basement. I first saw it after a rain (my cellar gets water in it from too much rain). Apparently the frog came out and wanted some water. I have no idea how long he'd been down there before I saw him. I let him be...thinking he'd get out the way he came in. I have 3 cats who use the litter box in the cellar,but they have not seemed to bother it. The cats have seen plenty of frogs outside and don't bother them. Well,I didn't see thr frog for a time and wondered where it went....the next day I saw it and tried to catch it and it jumped in the sump pump well. There are plenty of bugs and spiders down there,for sure. It's an old house so froggy food is no problem. It's winter now...can't put it outside...even if I could manage to catch it. So I guess I will just keep an eye on things for now. Thanks for listening!

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Jun 20, 2020
turkey ghost
by: Anonymous

We have been haunted by a turkey gobble in our basement that started about a month ago after a heavy rain. Drove us crazy. Every time we went in basement to follow the gobble sound we came up empty as it would stop..finally today, went in basement and was able to hear it directly. From he sump pump. I knew it could not be from the pump itself as it was not running. Searched the pump and found little frog or toad hiding on side. Took net and coaxed him (her) into it and took it outside. Will see if that soves the ghost turkey gobble problem.

Sep 18, 2018
Frog in sump pump
by: Anonymous

My house is 20 years old, clay rocky soil living on the top of a hill. All my neighbors have sump pumps this summer we found a small frog in the sump. Well how did the frog get in there did it hatch from a egg? Well husband caught it put in in our fountain with the frogs and fish.

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