Lonely(?) pond frog

by Katie
(Atlanta, Ga)

I have a pond in a courtyard which is basement level, ie the walls surrounding it are 6' high. Last summer a sweet green frog arrived - no idea whence or how! We live in Atlanta - in an intown neighborhood, no natural ponds, lakes or streams within half mile or so. He/she seems quite happy. "Pickle" shares the pond with 10 goldfish and 2 weird albino African clawed frogs, along with lots of plants. He/she has lots of bugs, spiders, etc. to eat. But I have brought him worms and crickets which he/she practically eats from my hand! When I'm out there working on the pond, gardening or just hanging out, Pickle sits near me. I didn't see much of him last winter but he emerged from hibernation early in the spring and we heard lots from him/her for several months. Not so much recently. Apparently no luck attracting a mate! Do frogs live solitary lives like this? Should I make an effort to find a pal for Pickle? If so, where/how? Don't know how to tell Pickle's gender! Average size, bright green head, and yes discs about the size of a thumbtack at sides of head. Any ideas?

Thanks so much!

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