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Have you ever heard of a money frog or a three-legged money toad?

In the ancient Chinese tradition of  Feng Shui, the money frog is thought to be a creature that is extremely lucky and that can bring you great wealth and luck if it is around your property.  Who wouldn’t like a bit of extra help on the wealth and prosperity front?  The money frog is a little ornament that  has a coin inserted into its mouth.  

The saying goes that if you put this frog by your front door, off the floor – absolutely vital for it not to be on the floor apparently – instead put it on a  shelf or cupboard or something – then the frog will bring you great riches, and an abundance of good things! 

This sounds so incredible - I wonder why we don’t all do it all of the time!  But the Chinese probably know more about this fact than us as Feng Shui plays a great part in the everyday lives of many Chinese people. 

So you would place the lucky charm frog to the left of your front door, and ensure that it is facing inwards.  This means that the frog is encouraging wealth and good fortune to come into the home.

Taking this a step further, you do not actually need to just keep it in the house, but you could take one to work with you, especially if you are self-employed, to harness the good luck from the money frog in your business life helping to increase business and bring you more custom and therefore more wealth!

It has been known for frogs and toads to come out during the full moon and go towards those properties that will be having a great windfall of some sort.

So the money frog is definitely worth having around.  I hear though that it is not good luck to have one in your bathroom – this is supposed to actually be bad luck and should be avoided!

Some tips for placing your lucky charm toad

There are some rules for Placing a Three-Legged Toad - make sure you follow carefully :) 

  • Set the Toad near the main entrance to your property.  You can also place it near a cash register and even near a safe.
  • Make sure your place your lucky charm toad so that it faces inwards to your room so that it brings in wealth and happiness.  You can use two to be absolutely certain of gathering the benefits of this lucky charm and face one inwards and one outwards
  • If you do the lottery, you could think about placing your ticket under the toad - what have you got to lose?  
  • You could keep a lucky charm toad near any of your financial paperwork and it will bring good luck to all things regarding finances. 
  • In every room in every house or property, there is a south-east area.  Make sure you have a toad sitting in that place.
  • Place your toad on a shelf, or cupboard, but do not leave it on the floor.  leaving it on the floor is not good for luck and wealth.
  • Keep the toad nice and clean.
  • You can also set this toad on a piece of red paper, or tie some red ribbon around it, to enhance the luckiness

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