my 6 frogs and 1 toad

by Maddie
(Washington )

Me and my friend went to a park. she saw a toad so I picked it up she found a bottle and put grass and water in it. I put the toad in it then a girl came up to us and said that there are a lot more frogs so me and my friend walked in the grass until we saw a frog hop then I would pick it up and put it in the bottle. we saved 6 frogs and only 1 toad. when it was time to go my mom said I couldn't bring them home but I picked up the bottle ran into the car. 3 minutes later we were home my mom was mad whe she found out that I brought them home anywhays. we put them into a fish tank piled some rocks up on the side and filled it with water. Then we went outside and transfered the frogs into the fish tank. We cought a few rolly pollys and 1 ear wig we named them all there's Eleanor Jassy Jack Jackob Jumpy Bulbus and Nimrod ( Nimrods the toad) this all happened today the date is July 17 2012 my mom is making me let them go tomorrow :-( that's sad for me because me and my BFF worked realy hard to catch all those frogs and the 1 toad. :-( :-( :-(

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Aug 25, 2012
by: Anonymous

Good job at finding those frogs (and the1 toad) :-)

Aug 05, 2012
by: Grant

my birth day is July 17th. i have a frog named frodo. i feel bad for you.(you had to let the frogs and 1 toad go). my frog is medium sized. i have a fish tank i put them in.

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