My frog pets!

by seattle

first at the end of fourth grade i got a pet african dwarf frog. i had him for about a year and a half. he lived pretty long for the species it was.about a year after that i got a frog from my backyard. hes sitting with me as im typing this. ive probobly had him for about a week and a half now. im 12 sooooo yeah. i just found out that he is a mountain yellow legged frog. :) hes an endangered species. and i have been feeding him just the houshold bugs. and every once in a while i let the tank go outside. but lately he has been sleeping.... a lot. so i was wondering if this is normal. hes awake now but he does it quite often. and i was also wondering what kind of food is best for him. also were to get it. and what times he needs to be fed. if you could help me asap. that would help. thx!! :)

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Nov 25, 2012
by: Maddie

First of all I'm in 4th grade and I'm 10.Second of all are u sure its an endangered species?If I were you and it was a rare species I would go 2 the nearest pet store that sells frogs and ask someone there 2 make sure.You also should not handle your frog alot that may be the reason hes sleeping so much.I hope my suggestins help you take care of your frog. :) ;)

Sep 08, 2012
aw, so sorry
by: Katie

SORRY!!!! i know how it feels!!! i have two toads and im scared how to feed them, or when two. Hope you find out and your frog gets better. Bye!!

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