Rodrigo The Cuban Tree Frog

by Richard Adams

I've always kept exotic pets of one form or another and one certainly when you have some unusual pets is that people talk! Wherever I live I soon get known as "spider man" or "frog boy" but that's fine with me. Indeed it instantly gives you something to talk about with other people and I regularly find that friends and colleagues refer other people to me who might be interested in keeping exotic pets but don't really know where to start.

The story of my Cuban tree frog starts along these lines. It turned out that a shipment from the Caribbean had turned up on our shores and in amongst all the fruit someone who worked for the shipping company had found a tubby frog. Not wanting it to die - but not knowing what to do about him - they put the feelers out and soon enough he made contact with me via a friend.

At first I thought he was just looking for a little advice - which I was ready to give - but during after conversation I started to realize that he was actually hoping I would "adopt" the frog and give him a good life as I have so many years of experience caring for exotic pets in captivity. Certainly the chances of him surviving a return trip were very slim - even forgetting all the paperwork that he would need - so it was decided that it would be best for him to come and live with me.

After some research into the possible species he could be, and then on getting confirmation on my identification from an experienced herpetologist, I set about setting him up a generously-sized vivarium fully stocked with plants, hiding places and of course plenty of food.

Roughly a year later and he's still going strong. Infact, I wonder if he knows I'm writing about him because his chubby little face is pressed up against the glass of his vivarium right now watching me. Either that or it's a subtle hint he wants a few more crickets!

I hope, in my small way, that I have given him a home he's pleased with. He deserves it because seeing him around and about, hunting for insects and exploring his cage, brings me personally a huge amount of satisfaction.

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