saving my 17 tadpoles

by kaylee c. perry
(lumberton north carolina united states)

I love little bugs and critters but most of all I love frogs! I now had a lot more responsibility. this is a frogs first stage the tadpole.

this is what they looked like when I saved them. I had to feed them and take care of them so they grew up bigger to look like this.

they looked more like a lizard than a frog then but I still loved them anyway. with even more feeding and care they grew up. then I had to let them go. when I did this is what they looked like.

those pics may not have been of my frogs but mine were still awesome. so if your thinking about getting a frog, don't think get one! my 17 frogs were named chuckles,cranky,marty,brandon,ruferd,fishface,bob,chopy,junoir,dory,frank,izzy,poly,winnfred,and tad. that's my story of 17 frogs.

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Jun 29, 2013
My Elusive Frogs, part II
by: Anonymous

It is almost July, and I am worrying. I haven't seen a sign of a toad or frog in my garden. My garden is full of things frogs like, so I am perplexed. It is time to go on a toad/frog hunt.

My tree frogs are still eluding me. Chirping and making me look like an idiot, peering up downspouts and craning my neck while on tiptoes to see if they are under the roof eaves. My garden is lush, and it hides me to some degree. That may be why the neighbor hasn't called in the little men in white coats to take me to the funny farm, wherever that is. Wherever it is, I hope frogs are there.

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