tadpoles just turned to frogs

Hi we have some tadpoles from a small pond where my daughter went to camp. Several now have become full fledged frogs. they're tiny about the size of a pencil eraser. Now that they're frogs we're not sure what to feed them. we have no idea what kind they are. We'd like to release them back into the wild but would prefer to wait until they're not so small.

Any suggestions.

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Oct 18, 2010
Tiny Baby Frogs
by: keyplayer

If the tadpoles turned to «frogs» when only the size of a pencil eraser they are more likely to be TOADS. Most frogs take an entire winter to accomplish the transition from tadpoles to adults whereas toads do this in a matter of a few months during late summer. I'm just a bit jealous! We covet toads for their utility in the garden but the tadpoles we have collected numerous times have always turned out to be frogs.

Jun 30, 2010
Return to Nature
by: Norman

If you have tadpoles that have just went to frog stage and your intentions are to return them to the wild do that, beleive me they will know what to do to survive its a natural instinct and God knows his creatures. I have several small to medium ponds and I watch Tadpoles and baby fish every year being born matureing and comeing and going so as I say Trust Me. Turn them out to the wild and dont look back. Its the natural thing to do and they'll know what to do.I dont know if you have read my artical on Bubba likes Fish if not I encourage you to do so.Nature has a way in keeping her Eco Balance in check. It may sound cruel although not meant to be its just fact

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