The day Cruncher entered my life. From his owner Michelle.

by Michelle McClure
(Windsor N.S.W.)

Some kids from down the road found Cruncher under some roofing material, their father wanted to kill him but the boys knew that I loved frogs and gave him to me.He cost me 2 ice blocks and $5 bucks.I have been feeding him crickets and our cat Spookie always lines up for a free sample!

I have had him for 2+ years and the first tank That I got for him had a small air filter hole in the tank, and I said to my partner that he may escape, and sure enough I came inside and he was missing from the tank which is sits on the coffee table. but there he was sitting on the T.V week watching or looking at the T.V.

He now has an escape proof tank. Or at least I think that it is. He loves to sing in the middle of the night or when ever there is music playing.When he's hungry he puts his (hands) under his head and stares me out, that's usually a good sign that feed me please or else!
I don't know how long he will live or how long that frogs do live. Hopefully I will have him for a very long time,he brings us lots of enjoyment. I called him Cruncher because the first time that I fed him he was hungry and was just like a grab shovel across the tank eating everything along the way. That's how Cruncher entered my life!

Cheers from Michelle.

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Jun 21, 2013
How gorgeous
by: Lynda

I am so glad you got him and he's doing so well.
I love my green frogs and my small brown tree frogs. I have had them a few months and only now hearing the occasional noise from them. I love the croaking and wish they would do it more.
Our border collie is fascinated with them and runs round their tanks watching them all the time and gets so excited when they move. She never tires of watching them. Its so funny.
I love watching them as well

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