Where do frogs live?

 If someone asked you where do frogs live, I am pretty sure you would say that it would be near water, or in water, and mostly you would be absolutely correct.  There are so many varieties and species of frogs in the world, it is mind-boggling and they can be found literally all over the world.

where do frogs live

The frog population of the world live in vastly different conditions, depending on the climate of their particular country.  No frog however lives in the sea as they do not survive in salt water.

Many frogs like to live in ponds - big ponds, small ponds, any size ponds, and they either live in the water, or very close by to it.  Many prefer slow-moving bodies of waters and others live in faster flowing water.  The goliath frog is one that likes to be in fast flowing rivers and streams, and that frog is a mighty brawny huge frog and if you would like to read and learn more about that particular frog, just click here.  As frogs have semi-permeable skin, they are very prone to dehydration.  For this reason, frogs live mostly near a water source so that they can keep their skin moist and avoid dehydration.  So, if you were to ask where do frogs live, in terms of tree frogs, then they can be found living in arboreal conditions, in trees on leaves, even hiding under leaves, but still near to a water source.  More information on frog habitats can be found here.

Where do frogs live

It can be quite hard to find a frog.  Even when you know it is there, and you can hear it calling, in the evening usually, and they can be quite noisy, but still, search as you may, you cannot find it.  They are pretty shy creatures and as they have a fair few predators they like to keep out of the way.  If you have a pond in your garden, then you are likely to have frogs nearby.  The frogs will make their way to the same pond over and over year after year to lay their eggs in the same pond.  If you are lucky, you will see them.  They dislike harmful pesticides and so if you know you have frogs living in your garden, hold off using the pesticides as it could kill the frogs.  Frogs live in areas that meet their needs, so water, shelter, and rocks or leafy material that they can bury themselves in, away from the sun, will be ideal conditions for them.  

As with everything in life, there are exceptions to the rules.  And whereas most frogs live near a water source, there are other frogs that live in deserts which have no water for the majority of the time.  The frogs that live in the deserts have adapted their behaviour to deal with the dry conditions and tend to burrow underground to keep out of the sun, so that the sun does not dry out their skin too much.  Only when the rains fall will these frogs who live burrowed away out of the sun, venture to the surface to mate and lay eggs while there are water sources to be found.  The Mexican burrowing frog is an example.

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