Whites Tree Frog

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Whites tree frog is a large and rounded character with a calm and tame nature. This amphibian actually seems to enjoy being handled and therefore would make a lovely pet!

Whites tree frog originates from north-eastern Australia, and also from Indonesia. The Australian frog is often bigger and more robust than it's Indonesian counterpart, and often has a thick fold of skin over the eardrum. The Indonesian frog is more slender and these are more agile than the Australian variety.

The colour of these frogs varies a lot depending on its surroundings. They can be pale to bright green, blue or even chocolate brown.

Adult males are usually smaller than the females, and they have grey wrinkled throats and black nuptial pads during the breeding season.

These are dumpy-looking frogs and as I have already said, they make an excellent pet as they enjoy being held. They are quite easy to look after and need a well-ventilated space to live in, with a shallow water bowl and a good variety of branches for climbing. They have huge feet and toe-pads and these help support the frog whilst climbing.

Whites tree frogs love to eat crickets and flies, and these should be given to them daily when they are froglets. Remember to remove any uneaten food to avoid harming the frog through eggs being laid etc. They will grow quickly and usually are fully-grown by 3-4 months.

They enjoy being in groups and need a tall arboreal vivarium measuring 100 x 50 x 50cm. This would be suitable for about 4-5 adults. The temperature should be maintained at around 24-26 degrees centigrade during the day and down to 20 degrees centigrade at night.

These tree frogs are mostly nocturnal, but they do enjoy a bit of sunbathing and can sometimes be seen basking under the natural spectrum lighting during the day. This extra heat they get from basking seems to help with their growth and food digestion.

The frogs are also quite messy creatures! Therefore keep their environment quite bare. You could use artificial grass matting which can be cleaned often, or an absorbent foam which can be dampened by mist spraying. To make their home even more natural, you could add a few large stones. Never use gravel or small pebbles as they might be swallowed by accident. Make sure you have plenty of sturdy branches as they like to be off the floor. The shallow bowl of water should be of the size that the tree frog can just about submerge itself completely. Water needs to be replaced daily.

White's tree frogs feed have good appetites and will often wake during the day for food. Locusts is another good choice of food.

Point of care: place similar sized frogs together as sometimes smaller frogs will be eaten.

Pretty soon these calm lovely frogs will take food directly from your fingers!

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